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Gene: SUB1

official authority: SUB1, SUB1 homolog (S. cerevisiae)

Molecular alterations reported in literature

Gene products

genomicRNAproteinUniprot accessionPDB Structure
P53999 1PCF 2C62 2PHE

Gene Expression Data

Interacting miRNA

Protein: TCP4_HUMAN

InterPro domains

SNPs and Protein Structural Models

Human Protein Atlas stained tissues


Gene Ontology

BioGrid interactions

Interactant AInteractant BexperimentsourcePubmed ID
HSF1PC4InvitroYuan CX et al.11005381
PCNAPC4Two-hybridYu P et al.11313979
TAF1PC4InvitroMalik S et al.9482861
TBPPC4InvitroMalik S et al.9482861
PC4HNF4AInvivoGuo H et al.11741883
PC4HNF4AInvitroGuo H et al.11741883
CSTF2PC4InvivoCalvo O et al.11389848
CSTF2PC4InvitroCalvo O et al.11389848
CSTF2PC4Two-hybridCalvo O et al.11389848
EP300PC4InvitroKumar BR et al.11279157
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