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Gene: MYC

official authority: MYC, v-myc myelocytomatosis viral oncogene homolog (avian)

Molecular alterations reported in literature

Gene products

genomicRNAproteinUniprot accessionPDB Structure
P01106 1A93 1EE4 1MV0 1NKP 2A93

Gene Expression Data

Interacting miRNA

Protein: MYC_HUMAN

InterPro domains

SNPs and Protein Structural Models

Human Protein Atlas stained tissues


Gene Ontology

Association with cell cycle

BioGrid interactions

Interactant AInteractant BexperimentsourcePubmed ID
BRCA1MYCInvivoWang Q et al.9788437
BRCA1MYCInvitroWang Q et al.9788437
BRCA1MYCTwo-hybridWang Q et al.9788437
MYCCEBPAInvivoTinel M et al.12873812
MYCCEBPAInvitroTinel M et al.12873812
MYCRBL1InvivoBeijersbergen RL et al.8076603
MLH1MYCInvivoMac Partlin M et al.12584560
MLH1MYCInvitroMac Partlin M et al.12584560
MLH1MYCTwo-hybridMac Partlin M et al.12584560
HSPCAMYCInvivoCarystinos GD et al.12644583
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