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Gene: CCL2

official authority: CCL2, chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 2

Molecular alterations reported in literature

Gene products

genomicRNAproteinUniprot accessionPDB Structure
B2R4V3 ---

Gene Expression Data

Interacting miRNA

Protein: CCL2_HUMAN

InterPro domains

SNPs and Protein Structural Models

Human Protein Atlas stained tissues


Gene Ontology

BioGrid interactions

Interactant AInteractant BexperimentsourcePubmed ID
CSPG2CCL2InvitroHirose J et al.11083865
CCL2CCL2InvivoZhang Y et al.7651403
CCR10CCL2InvivoBonini JA et al.9364936
CCBP2CCL2InvivoBonini JA et al.9364936
CCBP2CCL2InvivoNibbs RJ et al.9405404
CCR2CCL2InvivoHemmerich S et al.10529171
CCR2CCL2InvivoMonteclaro FS et al.9287323
CCR2CCL2InvitroHemmerich S et al.10529171
CCR2CCL2InvitroMonteclaro FS et al.9287323
CCL2CCR5InvivoBlanpain C et al.10477718
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