Theoretical and experimental evidence for hysteresis in cell proliferation.

Bai S, Goodrich D, Thron CD, Tecarro E, Obeyesekere M - 2003 - Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.)

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SBML level: 2 version: 1

5 Units Definitions
A named definition of a new unit of measure,
or a redefinition of an existing SBML default

1 Compartments
A well-stirred container of a particular type
and finite size where species may be located.

25 Parameters
A quantity with a symbolic name. In SBML, the
term parameter is used in a generic sense to
refer to named quantities regardless of
whether they are constants or variables in a

6 Species
A pool of entities of the same species type
located in a specific compartment.

12 Reactions
A statement describing some transformation,
transport or binding process that can change
the amount of one or more species.

0 Rules
A mathematical expression added to the set of
equations constructed based on the reactions
defined in a model.

1 Functions
A named mathematical function that may be used
throughout the rest of a model.

0 Events
A statement describing an instantaneous,
discontinuous change in a set of variables of
any type when a triggering condition is

DE System
For each specie, sum of rections kinetic laws,
taken with "+" if the specie is produced or with
"-" if the specie is consumed.

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