Gianluca De Bellis CV

  Gianluca De Bellis

gianluca.debellis *
Institute of Biomedical Technologies, National Research Council
Via Fratelli Cervi N. 93, 20090 Segrate (Milan), Italy
Voice: (+39) 02-26422764
FAX: (+39) 02-26422770

Research Area: Genomics

1987 Degree in Chemistry, cum Laude, from 1989 Researcher at CNR-ITB, from 2005 Senior Scientist at CNR-ITB, since 2010 Research Director. Dr. De Bellis has obtained over 30 grants on projects focused on DNA analysis from CNR , UE, MIUR, Telethon, Fondazione Cariplo and from Industries. Since 1996 he focused on microarray technology. Later on (2004) he started working on massive sequencing technologies (NGS), being one of the first groups working on that. He has published over 120 papers on international peer-reviewed journals (H-index 37).