Nithiya Jesuthasan

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Nithiya Jesuthasan holds a MPh Degree attending the Second Level Master's Degree program in Medical Statistics and Genomics offered by the University of Pavia in 2019 with the thesis "investigating the genomic link between Alzheimer disease and Cancer" , a MSc in Biology Applied to Biomedical Research (class LM-06) in Biology at the University of Milan in 2012. She has been working at ITB-CNR since 2014 carrying out research activity in the epidemiological field, covering activities related to clinical trials and cohort studies, data- collection, -monitoring, -management, and data-analysis and drafting of technical reports. Her main area of interest is epidemiological and genomic analysis related to neurodegenerative diseases, and the identification of genes potentially involved in the inverse relationship of occurrence between cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

Interest areas:

Epidemiology, genetic epidemiology, GWAS, neurodegenerative diseases, brain aging, Alzheimer's, Tumors


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Research products

Bastiani L, Fortunato L, Pieroni S, Bianchi F, Adorni F, Prinelli F, Giacomelli A, Pagani G, Maggi S, Trevisan C, Noale M, Jesuthasan N, Sojic A, Pettenati C, Andreoni M, Antonelli Incalzi R, Galli M, Molinaro S.

Rapid COVID-19 Screening Based on Self-Reported Symptoms: Psychometric Assessment and Validation of the EPICOVID19 Short Diagnostic Scale

(2021) in JMIR. Journal of medical internet research
Adorni, Fulvio; Prinelli, Federica; Bianchi, Fabrizio; Giacomelli, Andrea; Pagani, Gabriele; Bernacchia, Dario; Rusconi, Stefano; Maggi, Stefania; Trevisan, Caterina; Noale, Marianna; Molinaro, Sabrina; Bastiani, Luca; Fortunato, Loredana; Jesuthasan, Nithiya; Sojic, Aleksandra; Pettenati, Carla; Tavio, Marcello; Andreoni, Massimo; Mastroianni, Claudio; Incalzi, Raffaele Antonelli; Galli, Massimo

Self-Reported Symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in a Nonhospitalized Population in Italy: Cross-Sectional Study of the EPICOVID19 Web-Based Survey

(2020) in JMIR public health and surveillance Online
Noale, Marianna; Trevisan, Caterina; Maggi, Stefania; Incalzi, Raffaele Antonelli; Pedone, Claudio; Di Bari, Mauro; Adorni, Fulvio; Jesuthasan, Nithiya; Sojic, Aleksandra; Galli, Massimo; Giacomelli, Andrea; Molinaro, Sabrina; Bianchi, Fabrizio; Mastroianni, Claudio; Prinelli, Federica

The association between influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations and sars-cov-2 infection: Data from the epicovid19 web-based survey

(2020) in Vaccines (Basel)
Federica Prinelli, Nithiya Jesuthasan, Marco Severgnini, Massimo Musicco, Fulvio Adorni, Maria Lea Correa Leite, Chiara Crespi, Sara Bernini.

Exploring the relationship between Nutrition, gUT microbiota, and BRain AgINg in community-dwelling seniors: the Italian NutBrain population-based cohort study protocol

(2020) in BMC geriatrics (Online)
Martin, Anne; Caon, Maurizio; Adorni, Fulvio; Andreoni, Giuseppe; Ascolese, Antonio; Atkinson, Sarah; Bul, Kim; Carrion, Carme; Castell, Conxa; Ciociola, Valentina; Condon, Laura; Espallargues, Mireia; Hanley, Janet; Jesuthasan, Nithiya; Lafortuna, Claudio L.; Lang, Alexandra; Prinelli, Federica; Puidomenech Puig, Elisa; Tabozzi, Sarah A.; McKinstry, Brian

A mobile phone intervention to improve obesity-related health behaviors of adolescents across Europe: Iterative co-design and feasibility study

(2020) in JMIR mhealth and uhealth
Battaglia, Cristina; Venturin, Marco; Sojic, Aleksandra; Jesuthasan, Nithiya; Orro, Alessandro; Spinelli, Roberta; Musicco, Massimo; De Bellis, Gianluca; Adorni, Fulvio

Candidate Genes and MiRNAs Linked to the Inverse Relationship Between Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease: Insights From Data Mining and Enrichment Analysis

(2019) in Frontiers in genetics
Mrakic-Sposta, S., Di Santo, S.G., Franchini, F., Arlati, S., Zangiacomi, A., Greci, L., Moretti, S., Marzorati, M., Rizzo, G., Sacco, M., Vezzoli, A.

Effects of combined physical and cognitive virtual reality-based training on cognitive impairment and oxidative stress in MCI patients: a pilot study.

(2018) in Frontiers in aging neuroscience
Fulvio Adorni, Aleksandra Sojic, Nithiya Jesuthasan, Cristina Battaglia, Alessandro Orro, Gianluca De Bellis, and Massimo Musicco

A combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches addressing the inverse occurrence of Alzheimer's disease and cancer enables to classify patients based on their genotypes

(2018) 54° Congresso Associazione Italiana Neuropatologia e Neurobiologia Clinica, e 44° Congresso Associazione Italiana Ricerca Invecchiamento Cerebrale, Milano, Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri, 17-19/05/2018
Aleksandra Sojic, Nithiya Jesuthasan, Cristina Battaglia, Alessandro Orro, Gianluca De Bellis, Federica Prinelli, and Fulvio Adorni, Massimo Musicco

Combining epidemiological and in silico investigations to elucidate the genetic basis of the inverse occurrence between Alzheimer's disease and cancer

(2018) XIII Congresso Nazionale Sindem, Firenze, 19-21/04/2018
Mauro Marzorati 1, Simona Gabriella Di Santo 2, Simona Mrakic-Sposta 1, Sarah Moretti 1, Nithiya Jesuthasan 3, Andrea Caroppo 4, Andrea Zangiacomi 5, Alessandro Leone 4, Marco Sacco 5 and Alessandra Vezzoli 1

Supporting Physical and Cognitive Training for Preventing the Occurrence of Dementia Using an Integrated System: A Pilot Study

(2017) 6th International Conference, MobiHealth 2016, Milano, 14-16 novembre 2016
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