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Baci, Denisa; Chirivi, Maila; Pace, Valentina; Maiullari, Fabio; Milan, Marika; Rampin, Andrea; Somma, Paolo; Presutti, Dario; Garavelli, Silvia; Bruno, Antonino; Cannata, Stefano; Lanzuolo, Chiara; Gargioli, Cesare; Rizzi, Roberto; Bearzi, Claudia

Extracellular Vesicles from Skeletal Muscle Cells Efficiently Promote Myogenesis in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

(2020) in Cells
Maccari, Sonia; Pace, Valentina; Barbagallo, Federica; Stati, Tonino; Ambrosio, Caterina; Gro, Maria Cristina; Molinari, Paola; Vezzi, Vanessa; Catalano, Liviana; Matarrese, Paola; Patrizio, Mario; Rizzi, Roberto; Marano, Giuseppe

Intermittent beta-adrenergic blockade downregulates the gene expression of beta-myosin heavy chain in the mouse heart

(2020) in European journal of pharmacology
Maiullari S., di Blasio G., Manni L., Teveroni E., Maiullari F., Rizzi R., Luvisetto S., Deidda G., Moretti F.

Study of regenerative potential of human perivascular cells expressing DUX4

(2019) FSHD (Fascioscpularhumeral Muscular Distrophy) International Research Conference, Pharo Palace, Marsiglia, Francia, 19-20 June 2019
Fuoco, Claudia; Sangalli, Elena; Vono, Rosa; Testa, Stefano; Sacchetti, Benedetto; Latronico, Michael V. G.; Bernardini, Sergio; Madeddu, Paolo; Cesareni, Gianni; Seliktar, Dror; Rizzi, Roberto; Bearzi, Claudia; Cannata, Stefano M.; Spinetti, Gaia; Gargioli, Cesare

3D hydrogel environment rejuvenates aged pericytes for skeletal muscle tissue engineering (vol 5, 203, 2014)

(2019) in Frontiers in physiology
Hany E. Marei 1 A. Hasan 2 R. Rizzi 3 A. Althani 1 N. Afifi 4 C. Cenciarelli 5 Thomas Caceci 6 and Ashfaq Shuaib 7,8

Stroke in Elderly: Current Status and Future Directions - E-Book

Hany E. Marei 1 A. Hasan 2 R. Rizzi 3 A. Althani 1 N. Afifi 4 C. Cenciarelli 5 Thomas Caceci 6 (2019) , 2019
Maiullari, Fabio; Maiullari, Fabio; Costantini, Marco; Costantini, Marco; Milan, Marika; Pace, Valentina; Chirivì, Maila; Maiullari, Silvia; Rainer, Alberto; Baci, Denisa; Marei, Hany El Sayed; Seliktar, Dror; Gargioli, Cesare; Bearzi, Claudia; Bearzi, Claudia; Rizzi, Roberto; Rizzi, Roberto

A multi-cellular 3D bioprinting approach for vascularized heart tissue engineering based on HUVECs and iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes

(2018) in Scientific report (London Research Institute)
Marei HE1, Shouman Z2, Althani A1, Afifi N3, Abd-Elmaksoud A2, Lashen S2, Hasan A4, Caceci T5, Rizzi R6, Cenciarelli C7, Casalbore P6

Differentiation of human olfactory bulb-derived neural stem cells towards oligodendrocyte

(2018) in Journal of cellular physiology (Online)
Milan, M.a, Pace, V.a, Maiullari, F.a,b, Chirivì, M.a, Baci, D.a, Maiullari, S.a, Madaro, L.c, Maccari, S.d, Stati, T.d, Marano, G.d, Frati, G.e,f, Puri, P.L.g, De Falco, E.e, Bearzi, C.aEmail Author, Rizzi, R.a,b

Givinostat reduces adverse cardiac remodeling through regulating fibroblasts activation article

(2018) in Cell death and disease
E. Teveroni 1, G. di Blasio 1,2, S. Maiullari 1,2, I. Manni 3, F. Maiullari 1, M. Monforte 2, L. Proietti 2, C. Gargioli 4, R. Rizzi 1, E. Ricci 2, G. Deidda 1, F. Moretti 1,3

Set-up of an in vivo model of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) based on human perivascular cells

(2018) FSH Society Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy [FSHD] 2018 International Research Congress & Research Planning Meetings, Las Vegas, Nevada USA, June 8-9, 2018
Hany E. Marei1*, A. Hasan2, R. Rizzi3, A. Althani1, N. Afifi4, C. Cenciarelli5, Thomas Caceci6 and Ashfaq Shuaib7,8

Potential of Stem Cell-Based Therapy for Ischemic Stroke

(2018) in Frontiers in neurology
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