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Porcelli, Simone; Bianchi, Giovanni A.; Agnello, Luca; Manferdelli, Giorgio; Mastropietro, Alfonso; Pigozzi, Fabio; Casasco, Maurizio

Exercise prescription for health: Italian perspective. Italian guidelines for exercise prescription in healthy adults (18-65 years)

(2020) in Medicina dello sport (Testo stamp.)
Trecroci Athos 1, Porcelli Simone 2, Perri Enrico 1, Pedrali Magda 2, Rasica Letizia 2. Alberti Giampietro 1, Longo Stefano 1, Iaia F. Marcello 1

Effects of Different Training Interventions on the Recovery of Physical and Neuromuscular Performance After a Soccer Match

(2020) in Journal of strength and conditioning research
Pilotto AM 1,2, Rasica L 3,4, Scalise G 1, Annoni S 1, La Torre A 4,5, Marzorati M 1, Porcelli S 1.

New On-Water Test for the Assessment of Blood Lactate Response to Exercise in Elite Kayakers

(2019) in Medicine and science in sports and exercise (Online)
Bruno Grassi 1,2, Simone Porcelli 2,3 and Mauro Marzorati 2,3

Translational Medicine: Exercise Physiology Applied to Metabolic Myopathies.

(2019) in Medicine and science in sports and exercise (Online)
Vezzoli A1, Mrakic-Sposta S2, Montorsi M3, Porcelli S4, Vago P5, Cereda F6, Longo S7, Maggio M8, Narici M9.

Moderate Intensity Resistive Training Reduces Oxidative Stress and Improves Muscle Mass and Function in Older Individuals

(2019) in Antioxidants
Pirovano, I.; Porcelli, S.; Azzarello, F.; Re, R.; Spinelli, L.; Contini, D.; Marzorati, M.; Torricelli, A.

Preliminary vastus lateralis characterization with time domain near infrared spectroscopy during incremental cycle exercise

(2019) Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging VII 2019, Munich; Germany
Orte S.; Subías P.; Fernández L.; Mastropietro A.; Porcelli S.; Rizzo G.; Boqué N.; Guye S.; Röcke C.; Andreoni G.; Crivello A.; Palumbo F.

Dynamic decision support system for personalised coaching to support active ageing

(2019) AI* 2018 - Artificial Intelligence for Ambient Assisted Living, Trento, Italy, 20-23 November 2018
Angelini, Leonardo; Mugellini, Elena; Abou Khaled, Omar; Boqué, Noemi; Del Bas, Josep M.; Röcke, Christina; Guye, Sabrina; Subias, Paula; Orte, Silvia; Porcelli, Simone; Mastropietro, Alfonso; Rizzo, Giovanna; Andreoni, Giuseppe

The Nestore e-Coach: Accompanying older adults through a personalized pathway to wellbeing

(2019) ACM PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA'19), Rhodes, Greece, 05-07/06/2019
Palumbo F.; Crivello A.; Mavilia F.; Girolami M.; Furfari F.; Porcelli S.; Manferdelli G.; Mastropietro A.; Rizzo G.; Orte S.; Subías P.; Boquè N.; Perego P.; Mauri M.; Röcke C.; Guye S.

NESTORE - Definition of the indicators and metrics

Zuccarelli Lucrezia 1,2, Porcelli Simone 1, Rasica Letizia 1,3, Marzorati Mauro 1, Grassi Bruno 1,2

Comparison between Slow Components of HR and V'O2 Kinetics: Functional Significance.

(2018) in Medicine and science in sports and exercise
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