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Genomic Localization

The protein C gene is localized on chromosome 2

The vertical red line indicates the position of the PROC gene on chromosome 2
LocusLink cytogenetic band : 2q13-q14
Start : 127,892,246 bp from pter
End : 127,903,048 bp from pter
Size : 10,802 bases
Orientation : plus strand
Data taken from   GeneCards

Gene Organization

The protein C gene contains 8 exons that are spread over approximately 11 kb of genomic DNA

Organization of the human protein C gene.
The image shows the position of exons as rectangles on the chromosomal DNA. Non translated regions (NT) are shown as white areas and coding areas are in black. The coding sequence is divided into eight exons (from I to VIII) by seven introns. Numbers above rectangles indicate the amino acids at which intron/exon junctions occur.