Proteomics and Metabolics Research Area






Proteomics Research and Metabolics AreaThe main objectives of Proteomic and Metabolomic Laboratory are related to development and application of innovative methodologies in proteomic studies for characterizing the diagnostic-prognostic markers and/or therapeutic targets in human pathologies, in addition to functional/structural characterization of the molecules identified; high-throughput proteomic analysis on both human fluids and tissues, as well as on cellular and animal models, is permitted by the existence of advanced mass spectrometry platform, which can perform the identification of proteins and their post-translational modifications. It is also involved in the characterization and bioavailability studies of several drugs in humans and animals.
The main innovation, competition and unique elements of Laboratory are:

  • proteomic platforms (four systems) based on 2DC-MS/MS (2-dimensional liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry) approach which yearly permits the quantitative identification of thousands of proteins without MW or pI limits, and which simplifies the study of membrane proteins;
  • cluster made of 24 CPU, dedicated to proteomic analysis;
  • development of original software such as MAProMa,an in house build proteomic software that allows: presentation of results in the usual form for biologists (maps); rapid, friendly and multidimensional evaluation of 2DC-MS/MS data;comparison of protein lists quantitative evaluation of relative differential protein expression.

These facilities allow the identification of Biomarkers of diseases and description of the molecular profiles related to the effects of drugs (Efficacy and Toxycology).