Transcriptional and post-transcriptional Research Unit

Regulatory processes of genes involved in physio-pathological cell proliferation by genome-wide investigation to identify molecular biomarkers

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Transcriptional and post-transcriptional Research UnitThe Research Unit is mainly directed to the study of the expression and functional role of genes involved in cell cycle regulation, genetic and proliferative diseases.
The study of the expression of genes involved in human proliferative diseases such as cancer and precursor lesions, is important not only to understand the molecular mechanisms of cellular growth and malignant transformation, but also to contribute to the identification of specific genes responsible for the uncontrolled cancer growth, to devise novel effective diagnostic and /or prognostic marker/s which can be used to predict the clinical transformation of the disease in its different progressive phases. The results obtained and/or expected from this basic research are aimed to create a lasting bridge between academia, medical research and industry with the aim to foster future advancement of new bio-medical technologies, providing the basis for an applied activity of research, mainly oriented to the protocol set-up, technological transfer and service, in the medical area.
The experimental study uses Bioinformatics Integration methodologies with regard to data analysis and contributes to validation and optimization of methods 'in silico'.
It should be considered in this context the recent acquisition of the Pirosequencer 454 Roche GS FLX Titanium Series, which offers new opportunities for large-scale studies.
We have developed new protocols for the preparation of strand specific and representative cDNA libraries. This protocol has been the subject of a patent application entitled: "Method for the preparation and amplification of representative and strand-specific libraries of cDNA for high throughput sequencing, use thereof, kit and cartridges for automation kit" Patent PCT n. RM2010A000293, 31/05/2011