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Alessandra Mezzelani

PhD Veterinary Biotechnologies Current position (since 2001): staff researcher at the National Research Council, Institute of Biomedical Technologies (CNR-ITB), Segrate, Milan, Italy Previous positions: 1995-2001: associated researcher at National Institute of Tumors, Milan, Italy 1992-1995: PhD student, ETH Zurich, Switzerland and CNR-IBBA, Milan, Italy 1989-1992: fellow, CNR-IBBA, Milan, Italy

Interest areas

Research Fields and activities "Multi-omics" research in autism. She leads the CNR Unit of the European GEMMA Project She is responsible of the Single Cell Analysis (SCA) Unit and is applying SCA to breast cancer and viral infections. She represents CNR-ITB at the EU LifeTime Initiative to improve European healthcare through cell-based interceptive medicine. She is responsible of the Translational Bioinformatics Lab. to produce "omics" data or to validate bioinformatic results and predictions. She has a great experience in the usage of the common molecular biology techniques (RT-PCR, digital PCR, microarrays, preparation of Illumina libraries). She collaborates with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Milan, to study diseases common to cats and humans. She is also involved in studies and activities of CNR about communication and accessibility. She previously leaded the OTANEXT-AUT project (Interomics Flagship) and the Genetics Unit of the Health Minister GR-09 1570296 project, to investigate the role of mycotoxins in autism onset by a gene-environment interaction perspective. She took part in cancer studies and participated in the PON project VIRTUALAB and in AIRC projects for the discovery of biomarkers of soft tissue sarcomas As for agricultural field, she participated in the EU projects DNA-Track and BovMap.


Phone: 0226422606

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Scopus Author ID: 6701756790
WoS Researcher ID: B-3355-2014
Orcid ID: 0000-0001-7563-5869
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Research products

Other info & publications here: alessandramaria.mezzelani