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Stem Cell and Molecular Oncology (Milan)

The Stem Cells and Molecular Oncology lab have initiated long-term projects aimed at characterizing the involvement of cancer cells with stem cells properties as the driving force of tumor initiation and progression. Cancer and chronic diseases arise by the combined effects of DNA mutations and mis-regulation of  epigenetic mechanisms on stem cells or their differentiated progeny, resulting in cell reprogramming and tissue remodelling.

Cell reprogramming, vesicular trafficking and cell and extracellular matrix interactions are studied using organotypic cultures in three dimensions (3D organoid models), patient derived somatic stem cells (SCs), cancer stem cells (CSCs) and human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).


Cinzia Cocola

Research Fellow

Paride Pelucchi


Eleonora Piscitelli

Research Fellow

Ileana Zucchi

Associated Researcher