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Paride Pelucchi is a researcher since 2012, at the "Stem Cell Biology and Cancer Unit" of the ITB-CNR. He graduated (cum laude) in Biotechnology in July 2004 and obtained a PhD in Molecular Medicine (curriculum: Genomics , Proteomics and Related Technologies) in January 2008, both at the University of Milan. His research is focused on the characterization of genetic and epigenetic networks underlying stem cell properties in both physiological and pathologies, especially for oncological ones (Cancer Stem Cells ), using combined approaches (e.g. biological, molecular and bioinformatics). Moreover, the study of stem cell mechanisms has also been applied to somatic reprogramming to Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs), which is of particular relevance for disease modelling and regenerative medicine. The development of complex cell systems, such as organotypic three-dimensional cultures, has made necessary to use effective and high-resolution molecular approaches such as single-cell transcriptomic analysis. During his studies, Paride Pelucchi has developed extensive skills in both molecular and cellular biology, developing systems based on lentiviruses for the study of specific genes and microRNAs applied on in vitro models of diseases. Furthermore, epigenetic study approaches (ChIP-Seq, ATAC-seq, etc ...) have been added to the traditional transcriptomic approaches in the characterization of the molecular mechanisms underlying specific pathologies (e.g. breast cancer, rheumatorid arthritis, etc ...).

Interest areas:

Molecular Oncology, Stem Cells (SC)/Cancer Stem Cells (CSC)/induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC), Single Cells Analysis, microRNAs, Epigenetics


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Research products

Sampath Kumar Katakam , Paride Pelucchi , Cinzia Cocola , Rolland Reinbold , Israel Vlodavsky , Burkhard Greve , Martin Götte .

Syndecan-1-Dependent Regulation of Heparanase Affects Invasiveness, Stem Cell Properties, and Therapeutic Resistance of Caco2 Colon Cancer Cells

(2020) in Frontiers in oncology
Katakam, Sampath Kumar; Tria, Valeria; Sim, Wey-Cheng; Yip, George W.; Molgora, Stefano; Karnavas, Theodoros; Elghonaimy, Eslam A.; Pelucchi, Paride; Piscitelli, Eleonora; Ibrahim, Sherif Abdelaziz; Zucchi, Ileana; Reinbold, Rolland; Greve, Burkhard; Goette, Martin

The heparan sulfate proteoglycan syndecan-1 regulates colon cancer stem cell function via a focal adhesion kinase-Wnt signaling axis

(2020) in The FEBS journal (Print)
Guida P.; Piscitelli E.; Marrese M.; Martino V.; Cirillo V.; Guarino V.; Angeli E.; Cocola C.; Pelucchi P.; Repetto L.; Firpo G.; Karnavas T.; Gotte M.; Gritzapis A.; D'Albore M.; Repetto D.; Pezzuoli D.; Missitzis I.; Porta G.; Bertalot G.; Bellipanni G.; Zucchi I.; Ambrosio L.; Valbusa U.; Reinbold R.A.

Integrating microstructured electrospun scaffolds in an open microfluidic system for in vitro studies of human patient-derived primary cells

(2020) in ACS biomaterials science & engineering
Felipe C. O. B. Teixeira1,2, Archana Vijaya Kumar2, Sampath Kumar Katakam2, Cinzia Cocola3, Paride Pelucchi3, Monika Graf2?, Ludwig Kiesel2, Rolland Reinbold3, Mauro S. G. Pavão1, Burkhard Greve4* and Martin Götte2*

The Heparan Sulfate Sulfotransferases HS2ST1 and HS3ST2 Are Novel Regulators of Breast Cancer Stem-Cell Properties

(2020) in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology
Cupaioli FA, Di Nanni N, Pelucchi P, Cifola I, Villa L, Raggi ME, Milanesi L, Mosca M, Mezzelani A

Linked read sequencing reveals new genetic variants in autism

(2020) Neurogenetics, Nature Conferences, Virtual (Covid19), 29/07/2020
F.A. Cupaioli1, E Mosca1, N. Di Nanni1, P. Pelucchi1, L. Milanesi1, M.E. Raggi2, M.L. Villa2, A. Mezzelani1

Linked-read whole genome sequencing reveals undetected variants in autism spectrum disorder

(2020) European Human Genetics Virtual Conference ESHG 2020.2, JUNE 6-9, 2020
F.A. Cupaioli, E. Mosca, N. Di Nanni, P. Pelucchi, L. Milanesi, M.E. Raggi, L. Villa, A. Mezzelani

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Linked-Read Sequencing Reveals New and Undetected Variants

(2020) EPTRI (European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure) open meeting 2020, virtual meeting, 02/04/2020 - 03/04/2020
Nicoletta Nuzziello, Laura Vilardo, Paride Pelucchi, Arianna Consiglio, Sabino Liuni, Maria Trojano and Maria Liguori

Investigating the Role of MicroRNA and Transcription Factor Co-regulatory Networks in Multiple Sclerosis Pathogenesis

(2019) in Top 5 Contributions in Molecular Sciences: 2nd Edition, 2019
Nuzziello, N.; Vilardo, L.; Pelucchi, P.; Consiglio, A.; Trojano, M.; Liguori, M.

MicroRNA and transcription factor co-regulatory network analysis: a combined bioinformatics and molecular strategy for uncovering genetic hub regulatory elements in multiple sclerosis pathogenesis

(2018) European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS 2018), Berlin, Germany, 10-12/10/2018
Nicoletta Nuzziello 1, Laura Vilardo 2, Paride Pelucchi 2, Arianna Consiglio 1, Sabino Liuni 1, Maria Trojano 3 and Maria Liguori 1

Investigating the Role of MicroRNA and Transcription Factor Co-regulatory Networks in Multiple Sclerosis Pathogenesis

Nicoletta Nuzziello 1, Laura Vilardo 2, Paride Pelucchi 2, Arianna Consiglio 1, Sabino Liuni 1, Maria Trojano 3 (2018) in International journal of molecular sciences (Online)
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