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Clinical Proteomics

Clinical Proteomics Lab is focused on development of mass spectrometry coupled to liquid chromatography, including MudPIT, and computational analysis to improve Personalized Medicine, mainly. It has been built a complete pipeline from sample preparation to computational activities, such subject stratification, network analysis, and functional evaluation.

The main objectives concern biomarker discovery, for diagnosis and monitoring of disease follow-up, and elucidation of molecular mechanisms of diseases, useful for allowing prediction of therapy efficacy and new targets.


Relevant human diseases (Oncological, cardiac, respiratory, metabolic and aggregation-based).

Rare diseases as model for investigating disease-related pathways (NHD, WAS, ALS and others).

Non-human issue, such as microorganisms and plants, are occasionally studied, too


Pierluigi Mauri

Research Executive

Rossana Rossi


Enrico Rosti