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Piscitelli, Eleonora; Cocola, Cinzia; Thaden Frank Ruediger; Pelucchi Paride; Gray Brian; Bertalot Giovanni; Albertini Alberto; Reinbold Rolland; Zucchi Ileana

Culture and Characterization of Mammary Cancer Stem Cells in Mammospheres

(2015) in Methods in molecular biology (Clifton N.J.)
Ileana zucchi

Role of epigenetic mechanisms in cancer stem cells and tumor invasion.

(2014) INsPiRE Workshop: Cell cycle and natural product, Athens, 8-9 May 2014
Maggioni F., Bertocchi, M.; Mosca, E; Reinbold, E; Zucchi, I.

Geometric and computational models of chromatin fibre folding for human embryonic stem cells.

Pelucchi, Paride; Tria, Valeria; Martino, Valentina; Sabour, Davood; Bertalot, Giovanni; Molgora, Stefano; Palizban, Mira; Gotte, Martin; Zucchi, Ileana; Reinbold, Rolland A

A Versatile Tool for Stable Inhibition of microRNA Activity.

(2013) in Biology (Basel)
Ibrahim, Sherif A.; Hassan, Hebatallah; Vilardo, Laura; Kumar, Sampath Katakam; Kumar, Archana Vijaya; Kelsch, Reinhard; Schneider, Cornelia; Kiesel, Ludwig; Eich, Hans Theodor; Zucchi, Ileana; Reinbold, Rolland; Greve, Burkhard; Goette, Martin

Syndecan-1 (CD138) Modulates Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Stem Cell Properties via Regulation of LRP-6 and IL-6-Mediated STAT3 Signaling

(2013) in PloS one
Valentina Martino, Valeria Tria, Paride Pelucchi, Ileana Zucchi, Rolland A. Reinbold

Contribution of miRNA-a* to epithelial-mesenchymal transition via E-cadherin/?-catenin complex destabilization

(2012) Cell Symposia: Hallmarks of Cancer, San Francisco, CA, USA, 29-30 October 2012
Valeria Tria, Paride Pelucchi, Valentina Martino, Ileana Zucchi and Rolland Reinbold

MicroRna-dependent overlapping circuitries in pluripotent and cancer cells

(2012) Cell Symposia: Hallmarks of Cancer, San Francisco, CA, USA, 29-30 October 2012
Consiglio Arianna, Rizzi Ermanno, De Caro Giorgio, Gisel Andreas, Grillo Giorgio, Licciulli Flavio, Pelucchi Paride, Tria Valeria, Rolland Reinbold, De Bellis Gianluca , Zucchi Ileana, Liuni Sabino, Tulipano Angelica


(2012) NGS12 WORKSHOP, TRENTO, June 2012
Ileana Zucchi

Renato Dulbecco: genes, cancer and epigenomic

(2012) Bioinformatics Italian Society Annual Meeting,, Catania, 2-4 may 2012
Terrinoni A.; Pagani I.S.; Zucchi I.; Chiaravalli A.M.; Serra V.; Rovera F.; Sirchia S.; Dionigi G.; Miozzo M.; Frattini A.; Ferrari A.; Capella C.; Pasquali F.; Curto F.L.; Albertini A.; Melino G.; Porta G.

OTX1 expression in breast cancer is regulated by p53

(2011) in Oncogene (Basingstoke, Online)
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