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Research products

Cinzia Cocola1,2+, Valerio Magnaghi3+, Edoardo Abeni1+, Paride Pelucchi1?, Valentina Martino1?, Laura Vilardo1, Eleonora Piscitelli1, Arianna Consiglio1, Giorgio Grillo1, Ettore Mosca1, Roberta Gualtierotti4, Daniela Mazzaccaro5, Gina La Sala6, Chiara Di Pietro6, Mira Palizban7, Sabino Liuni1, Giuseppina DePedro8, Stefano Morara9, Giovanni Nano5,10, James Kehler11, Burkhard Greve12, Alessio Noghero13,14, Daniela Marazziti6, Federico Bussolino14,15, Gianfranco Bellipanni16, Igea D'Agnano1, Martin Götte7, Ileana Zucchi1* and Rolland Reinbold1*

Transmembrane Protein TMEM230, a Target of Glioblastoma Therapy

(2021) in Frontiers in cellular neuroscience
Sherif Abel-Aziz Ibrahim1, Hebatallah Hassan1, Rolland Reinbold2, Nancy Adriana Espinoza-Sanchez3, Burkhard Greve4* and Martin Götte3*

Role of Syndecan-1 in Cancer Stem Cells

(2021) in Proteoglycans in Stem Cells From Development to Cancer, 2021
Sampath Kumar Katakam , Paride Pelucchi , Cinzia Cocola , Rolland Reinbold , Israel Vlodavsky , Burkhard Greve , Martin Götte .

Syndecan-1-Dependent Regulation of Heparanase Affects Invasiveness, Stem Cell Properties, and Therapeutic Resistance of Caco2 Colon Cancer Cells

(2020) in Frontiers in oncology
Felipe C. O. B. Teixeira1,2, Archana Vijaya Kumar2, Sampath Kumar Katakam2, Cinzia Cocola3, Paride Pelucchi3, Monika Graf2?, Ludwig Kiesel2, Rolland Reinbold3, Mauro S. G. Pavão1, Burkhard Greve4* and Martin Götte2*

The Heparan Sulfate Sulfotransferases HS2ST1 and HS3ST2 Are Novel Regulators of Breast Cancer Stem-Cell Properties

(2020) in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology
Katakam, Sampath Kumar; Tria, Valeria; Sim, Wey-Cheng; Yip, George W.; Molgora, Stefano; Karnavas, Theodoros; Elghonaimy, Eslam A.; Pelucchi, Paride; Piscitelli, Eleonora; Ibrahim, Sherif Abdelaziz; Zucchi, Ileana; Reinbold, Rolland; Greve, Burkhard; Goette, Martin

The heparan sulfate proteoglycan syndecan-1 regulates colon cancer stem cell function via a focal adhesion kinase-Wnt signaling axis

(2020) in The FEBS journal (Print)
Guida P.; Piscitelli E.; Marrese M.; Martino V.; Cirillo V.; Guarino V.; Angeli E.; Cocola C.; Pelucchi P.; Repetto L.; Firpo G.; Karnavas T.; Gotte M.; Gritzapis A.; D'Albore M.; Repetto D.; Pezzuoli D.; Missitzis I.; Porta G.; Bertalot G.; Bellipanni G.; Zucchi I.; Ambrosio L.; Valbusa U.; Reinbold R.A.

Integrating microstructured electrospun scaffolds in an open microfluidic system for in vitro studies of human patient-derived primary cells

(2020) in ACS biomaterials science & engineering
Jiao X1, Li Z1, Wang M1, Katiyar S2, Di Sante G1, Farshchian M3, South AP3, Cocola C4, Colombo D4, Reinbold R4, Zucchi I4, Wu K5, Tabas I6, Spike BT7, Pestell RG8.

Dachshund Depletion Disrupts Mammary Gland Development and Diverts the Composition of the Mammary Gland Progenitor Pool

(2019) in Stem Cell Reports
Faroni A.; Melfi S.; Castelnovo L.F.; Bonalume V.; Colleoni D.; Magni P.; Arauzo-Bravo M.J.; Reinbold R.; Magnaghi V.

GABA-B1 Receptor-Null Schwann Cells Exhibit Compromised In Vitro Myelination

(2018) in Molecular neurobiology
Zucchi Ileana and Reinbold Rolland A.

New regulators of angiogenesis

Piscitelli E, Karnavas T, Abeni E, Mosca E, Pelucchi P, Cocola C, Tria V, Moro M, Crosti MC, Zippo A, Milanesi L, Reinbold R, Bianchi M, Zucchi I.

Characterization of mammary cells derived from single cells with stem cell properties and organoid formation capacity by cell lineage tracing and cell tracking

(2017) SIBBM Frontiers in Molecular Biology -From single cells to 3Dcell culture-, Milan, Italy, 14-16 /06/ 2017
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