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Cinzia Cocola is working at ITB-CNR since 2009 as a researcher. She graduated (cum laude) in Biology applied to Biomedical Research in 2006 and obtained a PhD in Molecular Medicine (Curriculum: Genomics, Proteomics and Related Technologies) in 2009, both at the University of from Milan. Her research activity consists in understanding and studying the aberrant molecular and cellular mechanisms that trigger the tumor process and consequently the study and characterization of the cellular heterogeneity present in the tumor mass, using cellular, molecular and bioinformatics tools. Specifically, it is divided as follows: i) Identification, isolation and characterization of normal and cancer stem cells of human and canine breast tissues, by discriminating stem cells from their progeny; ii) Study of function of specific genes involved in stem cell maintaining and tumorigenesis process by modulating gene expression; iii) Generation, characterization and maintenance of in vitro 3D cultures of human and canine tumoral organoids derived from various tissues, in order to recapitulate in vitro disease models, by using biological and synthetic scaffolds; iv) Study of cellular heterogeneity and different epigenetic modifications that can occur in tumor process, by using 3D organoid models and single cell transcriptomics approaches, and evaluation of anti-tumor molecule effects on different cell populations of tumor organoids in order to develop targeted and personalized terapies.

Interest areas:

Molecular and Cellular Biology. Molecular and Cellular Oncology. Stem cells and Organoids. Disease in vitro models.


Phone: 02-26422642

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Research products

Felipe C. O. B. Teixeira1,2, Archana Vijaya Kumar2, Sampath Kumar Katakam2, Cinzia Cocola3, Paride Pelucchi3, Monika Graf2?, Ludwig Kiesel2, Rolland Reinbold3, Mauro S. G. Pavão1, Burkhard Greve4* and Martin Götte2*

The Heparan Sulfate Sulfotransferases HS2ST1 and HS3ST2 Are Novel Regulators of Breast Cancer Stem-Cell Properties

(2020) in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology
Guida P.; Piscitelli E.; Marrese M.; Martino V.; Cirillo V.; Guarino V.; Angeli E.; Cocola C.; Pelucchi P.; Repetto L.; Firpo G.; Karnavas T.; Gotte M.; Gritzapis A.; D'Albore M.; Repetto D.; Pezzuoli D.; Missitzis I.; Porta G.; Bertalot G.; Bellipanni G.; Zucchi I.; Ambrosio L.; Valbusa U.; Reinbold R.A.

Integrating microstructured electrospun scaffolds in an open microfluidic system for in vitro studies of human patient-derived primary cells

(2020) in ACS biomaterials science & engineering
Sampath Kumar Katakam , Paride Pelucchi , Cinzia Cocola , Rolland Reinbold , Israel Vlodavsky , Burkhard Greve , Martin Götte .

Syndecan-1-Dependent Regulation of Heparanase Affects Invasiveness, Stem Cell Properties, and Therapeutic Resistance of Caco2 Colon Cancer Cells

(2020) in Frontiers in oncology
Jiao X1, Li Z1, Wang M1, Katiyar S2, Di Sante G1, Farshchian M3, South AP3, Cocola C4, Colombo D4, Reinbold R4, Zucchi I4, Wu K5, Tabas I6, Spike BT7, Pestell RG8.

Dachshund Depletion Disrupts Mammary Gland Development and Diverts the Composition of the Mammary Gland Progenitor Pool

(2019) in Stem Cell Reports
Cocola, Cinzia; Molgora, Stefano; Piscitelli, Eleonora; Veronesi, Maria Cristina; Greco, Marianna; Bragato, Cinzia; Moro, Monica; Crosti, Mariacristina; Gray, Brian; Milanesi, Luciano; Grieco, Valeria; Luvoni, Gaia Cecilia; Kehler, James; Bellipanni, Gianfranco; Reinbold, Rolland; Zucchi, Ileana; Giordano, Antonio

FGF2 and EGF Are Required for Self-Renewal and Organoid Formation of Canine Normal and Tumor Breast Stem Cells

(2017) in Journal of cellular biochemistry (Print)
Piscitelli, Eleonora; Cocola, Cinzia; Thaden Frank Ruediger; Pelucchi Paride; Gray Brian; Bertalot Giovanni; Albertini Alberto; Reinbold Rolland; Zucchi Ileana

Culture and Characterization of Mammary Cancer Stem Cells in Mammospheres

(2015) in Methods in molecular biology (Clifton N.J.)
Mosca E, Cocola C, Sabour D, Pelucchi P, Bertalot G, Palumbo O, Carella M, Götte M, Schöler HR, Reinbold R, Zucchi I, Milanesi L.

Overlapping Genes May Control Reprogramming of Mouse Somatic Cells into Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) and Breast Cancer Stem Cells.

(2010) in In silico biology (Gedrukt)
Martino V, Piscitelli E, Tria V, Cocola C, Mosca E, Carrada D, Vilardo L, Bertoli G, Brindisi A, Colombo D, Pelucchi P, Milanesi L, Reinbold R.A. and Zucchi I.

The role of microRNA in epithelial to mesenchymal transition.

(2010) International Summer School “From pluripotency to senescence: molecular mechanisms of development, disease and ageing”, Spetses Island
Piscitelli E, Bertoli G, Martino V,Cocola C, Mosca E, Pelucchi P, Colombo D, Tria V, Vilardo L, Brindisi A, Reinbold R, Schöler HR, and Zucchi I.

'In vivo and in vitro functional study of the stem cell factor TBX3’

(2010) International Summer School “From pluripotency to senescence: molecular mechanisms of development, disease and ageing”, Spetses Island
C Cocola; P Anastasi; S Astigiano; E Piscitelli; P Pelucchi; L Vilardo; G Bertoli; M Beccaglia; MC Veronesi; S Sanzone; O. Barbieri; RA Reinbold; GC Luvoni;I Zucchi

Isolation of Canine Mammary Cells With Stem Cell Properties and Tumour-Initiating Potential

C Cocola; P Anastasi; S Astigiano; E Piscitelli; P Pelucchi; L Vilardo; G Bertoli; M Beccaglia; MC Veronesi; S Sanzone; (2009) in Reproduction in domestic animals (1990)
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