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Eleonora Piscitelli

Eleonora Piscitelli is postdoctoral research fellow at the "Stem Cell Biology and Cancer Unit" of the ITB-CNR. She graduated (cum laude) in Medical Biotechnology in December 2007 at the University of Padua and undertook a PhD in Molecular Medicine (curriculum: Genomics, Proteomics and Related Technologies), obtaining the title in December of 2010 at the University of Milan. The scope of his research is the characterization by combined approaches (biological, molecular and bioinformatics) of both normal and tumor-derived mammary gland cells, derived from patients. She developed a cell isolation model with specific stem cell and lineage differentiation properties of the mammary gland in order to modulate specific genes or ncRNAs and evaluate their effects at the functional and molecular level. It also deals with the isolation and study of organoids derived from different tissues (mammary gland, synovium ...) for drug testing and co-culture approaches with endothelial cells to evaluate the effect of treatments on angiogenesis in vitro. The development of complex cell systems such as organotypic cultures has also made it necessary to use effective and high-resolution molecular approaches such as single-cell transcriptomic analysis, furthermore she applied epigenetic study approaches (e.g. ATAC-seq..) flanked to the traditional transcriptomic approaches in the characterization of the molecular mechanisms underlying specific pathologies (e.g. breast cancer, rheumatorid arthritis, etc ...).

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