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Fulvio Adorni

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Education Vocational Master Degree (II Level) in Medical Statistics and Statistical Methods for Epidemiology; University of Milan, Institute of Biometrics - Campus Cascina Rosa, Milan (Italy). Master Degree in Computer Science, University of Milan, Milan (Italy). Working position Researcher, permanent position. Currently leading the ITB Epidemiology Unit. Work experience and skills From 01/07/2010 to present: Epidemiology Unit, Institute of Biomedical Technologies, CNR. From 1993 to 30/06/2010: Epidemiology Unit, Institute of Biomedical Technologies, CNR; University of Milan, Institute of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, L. Sacco Hospital (Milan) - Collaborator in Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Computer Science. Expertise Protocols and study designs for randomized controlled trials and cohort studies with active or passive follow-up, planning and management of research activities, Ethical Committees issues. Methodology of research and advanced techniques of statistical descriptive, inferential, multivariable analyses: survival, regression, correlation, factorial and data-reduction analyses, risk scores, ROC analyses, performances of risk prediction models. Epidemiological population-based studies, integrating secondary data from Health Information Systems. Writing and reviewing of scientific projects and papers. Systematic review of scientific literature and meta-analyses. Design, development and implementation of software and databases for research purposes. Teaching: courses in methodology of research, techniques of statistical analyses, relational databases.

Aree di interesse

Main fields of biomedical research: neurodegenerative diseases and dementias, with main focus on the inverse relationship of occurrence between Alzheimer's disease and cancer; metabolic disorders; infectious diseases.