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Fulvio Adorni

Education: Vocational Master Degree (II Level) in Medical Statistics and Statistical Methods for Epidemiology; University of Milan, Institute of Biometrics - Campus Cascina Rosa, Milan (Italy). Master Degree in Computer Science, University of Milan, Milan (Italy). Working position : Researcher, permanent position. Currently leading the ITB Epidemiology Unit. Work experience: From 01/07/2010 to present: Epidemiology Unit, Institute of Biomedical Technologies, CNR. From 01/09/2022 to present: adjunct professor, University of Milan. From 1993 to 30/06/2010: Epidemiology Unit, Institute of Biomedical Technologies, CNR; University of Milan, Institute of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, L. Sacco Hospital (Milan) - Collaborator in Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Computer Science. Expertise: Protocols and study designs for randomized controlled trials and cohort studies with active or passive follow-up, planning and management of research activities, Ethical Committees issues. Methodology of research and advanced techniques of statistical descriptive, inferential, multivariable analyses: survival, regression, correlation, factorial and data-reduction analyses, risk scores, ROC analyses, performances of risk prediction models. Epidemiological population-based studies, integrating secondary data from Health Information Systems. Writing and reviewing of scientific projects and papers. Systematic review of scientific literature and meta-analyses. Design, development and implementation of software and databases for research purposes. Teaching: teaching "Statistics applied to epidemiology" in the master's degree course "Safety Assessment of Xenobiotics and Biotechnological Products" (class LM-9) of the University of Milan, research methodology courses, statistical analysis techniques, relational databases.

Interest areas

Main fields of biomedical research: neurodegenerative diseases and dementias, with main focus on the inverse relationship of occurrence between Alzheimer's disease and cancer; metabolic disorders; infectious diseases.


Phone: +390226422629

International IDs

Scopus Author ID: 55899449900
WoS Researcher ID: P-7064-2018
Orcid ID: 0000-0001-6264-6876

Research products

Other info & publications here: fulviodaniele.adorni