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Bioinformatics Research UnitThe Bioinformatics Group is formed by up to 30 scientists having diverse backgrounds spanning bioinformatics, biotechnology, biology, engineering, physics and computer science. The bioinformatics group develops, implements, and applies mathematical, statistical and computer science techniques to problems now arising in the life sciences, particularly those now appearing in key fields such as genomics, proteomics, molecular biodivesity, systems biology and molecular modelling. As part of the mission, our laboratory focuses on the "bottom-up" paradigm for bioinformatics and biomedical technologies. We are enabling this concept through a highly interdisciplinary research program focused on design and development of bioinformatics systems and applications. Our bottom-up approach is our method for exploring new sciences and applications in diverse areas, including the interface between biology and information technologies.

The research unit in Bioinformatics deals with the design and development of biological databases and bioinformatics tools for biosequence analysis oriented to the study of genomics, transcriptomics and molecular biodiversity, in the fields of bio-medicine, food and environment. Recently, with the growth of platforms for massively parallel DNA sequencing - Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) - the research activities have been mainly focused on the development of statistical methods and bioinformatics tools for the management and analysis of data produced by NGS platforms, in particular for the analysis of the transcriptomics and metagenomics data.