Alfonso Mastropietro

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Ph.D. in Bioengineering, he works as a researcher at ITB-CNR since 2019. He received his Bachelor's Degree in 2007 and his Master's Degree in 2009 in Biomedical Engineer from Politecnico di Milano. In 2013 he obtained his European Ph.D. in Bioengineering from Politecnico di Milano defending a thesis entitled: "19F MRI and Molecular Imaging: Optimization and Application in Multimodal In-Vivo Brain Cell-Tracking".

From 2009 to 2015 he carried out his research activities at the Istituto Neurologico Carlo Besta of Milano, where he worked on preclinical in-vivo/ex-vivo studies using high-field MRI (7T) on animal models of neurologic pathologies. He worked also on molecular imaging using fluorine compounds for cellular tracking by MRI. Between 2012 and 2013 he had research experience at the in-vivo NMR laboratory of the Max Planck Institute for Neurological Research in Cologne (Germany), where he worked on multimodal imaging (19F MRI, bioluminescence, optical microscopy) for the tracking of neuronal stem cells in preclinical studies.

From 2015 to 2019 he worked at the Institute of Bioimages and Molecular Physiology (IBFM-CNR), first as research fellow and then as a researcher, focusing his activities on the development and application of biomedical image processing and analysis methods, with a particular attention to the MRI analysis for the extraction of quantitative indices through advanced techniques, such as DTI, IVIM, DIXON, Relaxometry and Tractography for cerebral and muscular tissue. In addition, he worked on the analysis of EEG signals for the evaluation of the effects of motor rehabilitation in subjects affected by stroke.

He attended different national and international scientific conferences and was involved in relevant research projects. He's author/co-author of various scientific publication on international peer-reviewed journals.

Interest areas:

MRI; EEG signal analysis; Medical Images Analysis; Diffusion MRI; Advanced MRI approaches; Central Nervous System; Stroke; Skeletal Muscle; Rehabilitation


Phone: +39 02 2642 2216
Address: Istituto di Tecnologie Biomediche, via Fratelli Cervi 93, 20090, Segrate, Milano

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Scopus Author ID: 36497099000
WoS Researcher ID: AAY-7271-2020
Google Scholar: gF-h4NwAAAAJ

Research products

Elisa Scalco 1,2,* Antonella Belfatto 2, Alfonso Mastropietro 1,2 Tiziana Rancati 3, Barbara Avuzzi 4, Antonella Messina 5, Riccardo Valdagni 3,4,6 and Giovanna Rizzo 1,2

T2w-MRI signal normalization affects radiomics features reproducibility.

(2020) in Medical physics (Lanc.)
Lanzarone, Ettore; Mastropietro, Alfonso; Scalco, Elisa; Vidiri, Antonello; Rizzo, Giovanna

A novel bayesian approach with conditional autoregressive specification for intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion-weighted MRI

(2020) in NMR in biomedicine
Coluzzi, D.; Rivolta, M.W.; Mastropietro, A.; Porcelli, S.; Mauri, M.L.; Civiello, M.T.L.; Denna, E.; Rizzo, G.; Sassi, R.

Design and Validation of a Minimal Complexity Algorithm for Stair Step Counting

(2020) in Computers (Basel)
El Kamali M, Angelini L, Caon M, Carrino F, Ro?cke C, Guye S, Rizzo G, Mastropietro A, Sykora M, Elayan S, Kniestedt I, Ziylan C, Lettieri E, Abou Khaled O, Mugellini E.

Virtual Coaches for Older Adults' Wellbeing: A Systematic Review

(2020) in IEEE access
Porcelli, Simone; Bianchi, Giovanni A.; Agnello, Luca; Manferdelli, Giorgio; Mastropietro, Alfonso; Pigozzi, Fabio; Casasco, Maurizio

Exercise prescription for health: Italian perspective. Italian guidelines for exercise prescription in healthy adults (18-65 years)

(2020) in Medicina dello sport (Testo stamp.)
Fontana L.; Mastropietro A.; Scalco E.; Peruzzo D.; Beretta E.; Strazzer S.; Arrigoni F.; Rizzo G.

Multi-steps registration protocol for multimodal MR images of hip skeletal muscles in a longitudinal study

(2020) in Applied sciences
Palumbo F.; Crivello A.; Furfari F.; Girolami M.; Mastropietro A.; Manferdelli G.; Röcke C.; Guye S.; Salvá Casanovas A.; Caon M.; Carrino F.; Khaled O.A.; Mugellini E.; Denna E.; Mauri M.; Ward D.; Subías-Beltrán P.; Orte S.; Candea C.; Candea G.; Rizzo G.

"Hi This Is NESTORE, Your Personal Assistant": Design of an Integrated IoT System for a Personalized Coach for Healthy Aging

(2020) in Frontiers in digital health
Alfonso Mastropietro 1, Giovanna Rizzo 2, Lucia Fontana 3, Matteo Figini 4, Bruno Bernardini 5, Laura Straffi 6, Simona Marcheselli 6, Sara Ghirmai 5, Nunzio Paolo Nuzzi 3, Maria Luisa Malosio 7,8, Marco Grimaldi 3

Microstructural characterization of corticospinal tract in subacute and chronic stroke patients with distal lesions by means of advanced diffusion MRI.

(2019) in Neuroradiology (Berl., Print)
Edgar R. Arce-Santana 1, Aldo R. Mejia-Rodriguez 1, Enrique Martinez-Pena 1, Alfonso Alba 1, Martin Mendez 1, Elisa Scalco 2, Alfonso Mastropietro 2, Giovanna Rizzo 2

A new Probabilistic Active Contour region-based method for multiclass medical image segmentation.

(2019) in Medical & biological engineering & computing
Orte S.; Subías P.; Fernández L.; Mastropietro A.; Porcelli S.; Rizzo G.; Boqué N.; Guye S.; Röcke C.; Andreoni G.; Crivello A.; Palumbo F.

Dynamic decision support system for personalised coaching to support active ageing

(2019) AI* 2018 - Artificial Intelligence for Ambient Assisted Living, Trento, Italy, 20-23 November 2018
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