Chiara Bellei

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Chiara Bellei received her Chemical-Biological laboratory technician diploma certificate from the Italian secondary school "ITSOS Marie Curie" (Cernusco sul Naviglio, Milan) in 2001. Since 2003 she has been working in the Neurochemistry laboratory, "Degenerative Diseases" Section, Institute of Biomedical Technologies - C.N.R., Segrate (Milan), where in January 2009 she obtained a contract as Technical Collaborator VI level. Her experience includes the isolation of neuromelanin pigments from cerebral tissues and histochemical techniques.

Interest areas:

neurobiochemistry, neurodegeneration and aging, biochemical techniques, histological techniques and centrifugation with gradient separation.


Phone: 02-26422622

Research products

Cassidy C.M.; Zucca F.A.; Girgis R.R.; Baker S.C.; Weinstein J.J.; Sharp M.E.; Bellei C.; Valmadre A.; Vanegas N.; Kegeles L.S.; Brucato G.; Kang U.J.; Sulzer D.; Zecca L.; Abi-Dargham A.; Horga G.

Neuromelanin-sensitive MRI as a noninvasive proxy measure of dopamine function in the human brain

(2019) in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Zucca F.A.; Vanna R.; Cupaioli F.A.; Bellei C.; De Palma A.; Di Silvestre D.; Mauri P.; Grassi S.; Prinetti A.; Casella L.; Sulzer D.; Zecca L.

Neuromelanin organelles are specialized autolysosomes that accumulate undegraded proteins and lipids in aging human brain and are likely involved in Parkinson's disease

(2018) in NPJ Parkinson's disease
Zecca L.; Bellei C.; Mauri P.; Casella L.; Cebrián C.; Sulzer D., Zucca F.A.

The protective and toxic role of neuromelanins in brain aging and Parkinson's disease

(2015) European Society for Neurochemistry's Conference Molecular Mechanisms of Regulation in the Nervous System, Tartu, Estonia, June 14-17, 2015
Zecca L.; Ferrari E.; Bellei C.; Mauri P.; Casella L.; Sarna T.; Zucca F.A.

Neuromelanin organelles pathways in brain aging and Parkinson's disease

(2014) Zing Conference on Oxidative Stress, Parador de Oropesa, Spain, October 3 - 6, 2014
Zecca L.; Cebrián C.; Ferrari E.; Bellei C.; Cupaioli F.A.; De Palma A.; Mauri P.; Casella L.; Sulzer D.; Zucca F.A.

The role of neuromelanin organelle pathways in parkinson's disease

(2014) Multiple mechanisms of neurodegeneration and progression, Milano FENS 2014 - NTS Satellite Symposium, Baveno, Italy, July 10 - 11, 2014
Zecca L.; Bellei C.; Ferrari E.; Bubacco L.; Casella L.; Zucca F.A.


(2013) Biomet 13 - XIII Workshop on PharmacoBioMetallics, Catania (Italy), October 25 and 26, 2013
Zecca L.; Cebrián C.; Vanna R.; Bellei C.; De Palma A.; Mauri P.; Casella L.; Zucca F.A.; Sulzer D.


(2013) Dopamine 2013, Alghero, Italy, May 24 - 28, 2013
Zecca L.; Vanna R.; Bellei C.; De Palma A.; Di Silvestre D.; Mauri P.; Sulzer D.; Casella L.; Zucca F.A.


(2013) VI Neurotoxicity Meeting: Mechanisms for neurodegenerative disorders, Valdivia, Chile, March 21 - 24, 2013
Zecca L.; Cupaioli F.A.; Bellei C.; Ferrari E.; Mauri P.; Sulzer D.; Zucca F.A.

Neuromelanin organelle pathways in aging and neurodegeneration of Parkinson's Disease

(2013) Annual Meeting of the CNR Aging program 2012-2014 during "9th Congress of the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society - EUGMS", Lido di Venezia, Italy, October 2-4, 2013
Engelen M.; Vanna R.; Bellei C.; Zucca F.A.; Wakamatsu K.; Monzani E.; Ito S.; Casella L.; Zecca L.

Neuromelanins of human brain have soluble and insoluble components with dolichols attached to the melanic structure

(2012) in PloS one
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