Elisa Scalco

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PhD researcher and biomedical engineer, who is currently working at the ITB-CNR since 2019. She received her Bachelor's Degree in 2007 and her Master's Degree in 2009 from Politecnico di Milano. In 2014 she obtained her PhD in Biomedical Technologies from Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca defending a thesis entitled: "Evaluation of morphological and structural variations in parotid glands during radiotherapy in the head-and-neck district".

Interest areas:

Development and application of medical image processing and analysis methods, with a particular focus on image registration and features extraction from CT and MRI images (radiomics). The main application field is the oncology, for tumor diagnosis and classification and for the prediction of treatment response of tumor and normal tissues.


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Address: via Fratelli Cervi 93, 20090 Segrate (MI)

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Dottore di ricerca in Tecnologie Biomediche
Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca

Dottore magistrale in Ingegneria Biomedica
Politecnico di Milano

Dottore in Ingegneria Biomedica
Politecnico di Milano

Research products

Wolfgang AG Sauerwein, Lucie Sancey, Evamarie Hey-Hawkins, Martin Kellert, Luigi Panza, Daniela Imperio, Marcin Balcerzyk, Giovanna Rizzo, Elisa Scalco, Ken Herrmann, PierLuigi Mauri, Antonella De Palma, Andrea Wittig

Theranostics in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

(2021) in Life (Basel)
E. Scalco, A. Mastropietro, A. Bodini, S. Marzi, and G. Rizzo

A Multi-Variate framework to assess reliability and discrimination power of Bayesian estimation of Intravoxel Incoherent Motion parameters

(2021) in Physica medica (Online)
Fontana L.; Mastropietro A.; Scalco E.; Peruzzo D.; Beretta E.; Strazzer S.; Arrigoni F.; Rizzo G.

Multi-steps registration protocol for multimodal MR images of hip skeletal muscles in a longitudinal study

(2020) in Applied sciences
Elisa Scalco 1,2,* Antonella Belfatto 2, Alfonso Mastropietro 1,2 Tiziana Rancati 3, Barbara Avuzzi 4, Antonella Messina 5, Riccardo Valdagni 3,4,6 and Giovanna Rizzo 1,2

T2w-MRI signal normalization affects radiomics features reproducibility.

(2020) in Medical physics (Lanc.)
Lanzarone, Ettore; Mastropietro, Alfonso; Scalco, Elisa; Vidiri, Antonello; Rizzo, Giovanna

A novel bayesian approach with conditional autoregressive specification for intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion-weighted MRI

(2020) in NMR in biomedicine
Edgar R. Arce-Santana 1, Aldo R. Mejia-Rodriguez 1, Enrique Martinez-Pena 1, Alfonso Alba 1, Martin Mendez 1, Elisa Scalco 2, Alfonso Mastropietro 2, Giovanna Rizzo 2

A new Probabilistic Active Contour region-based method for multiclass medical image segmentation.

(2019) in Medical & biological engineering & computing
Paglialonga A., Mastropietro A., Scalco E., Rizzo G.

The mHealth

(2019) Springer, Cham, Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London (Svizzera) in m_Health Current and Future Applications, 2019
Alfonso Mastropietro 1, Simone Porcelli 1, Marcello Cadioli 2,3, Letizia Rasica 1,4, Elisa Scalco 1, Simonetta Gerevini 2, Mauro Marzorati 1, Giovanna Rizzo 1

Triggered intravoxel incoherent motion MRI for the assessment of calf muscle perfusion during isometric intermittent exercise.

(2018) in NMR in biomedicine
Elisa Scalco 1, Tiziana Rancati 2, Ileana Pirovano 1, Alfonso Mastropietro 1, Federica Palorini 2, Alessandro Cicchetti 2, Antonella Messina 3, Barbara Avuzzi 4, Riccardo Valdagni 2,4,5 and Giovanna Rizzo 1

Texture Analysis of T1-w and T2-w MR Images Allows a Quantitative Evaluation of Radiation-Induced Changes of Internal Obturator Muscles after Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer.

(2018) in Medical physics (Lanc.)
Pota, Marco; Scalco, Elisa; Sanguineti, Giuseppe; Farneti, Alessia; Cattaneo, Giovanni Mauro; Rizzo, Giovanna; Esposito, Massimo

Early prediction of radiotherapy-induced parotid shrinkage and toxicity based on CT radiomics and fuzzy classification.

(2017) in Artificial intelligence in medicine (Print)
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