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Eva Maria Pinatel is researcher at ITB-CNR in Segrate (Milan). She is author of 18 publications cited in more than 500 research papers, her h-index is 10. She focused her research activity on -omic technologies based investigation of biological processes, starting with microarray and ending up with next generation sequencing (NGS). At the beginning of her career she studied microRNAs role in tumor progression both in vitro and in silico. Then she moved to the investigation of gene expression control in bacteria, applied both to antibiotics production increase and to the study of host-pathogen interaction. On this topic she recently started an integrated study of the interactions between environment (pollution) , nasal microbiota and host susceptibility and response to viral infections. Finally, she is also involved in the study of genome accessibility through new NGS-based technologies (SAMMY-seq) and to their comparison with pre-existent techniques.

Interest areas:

Next generation sequencing data analysis and integration of Chip-seq, RNA-seq and SAMMY-seq data both in human and bacterial samples. MiRNA target prediction analysis and integration with gene expression data or interaction networks.


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Scopus Author ID: 47161489300
WoS Researcher ID: AAC-1365-2019


Google Scholar H-Index: 11
Scopus H-Index: 10

Research products

Parafioriti A.; Cifola I.; Gissi C.; Pinatel E.; Vilardo L.; Armiraglio E.; Di Bernardo A.; Daolio P.A.; Felsani A.; D'Agnano I.; Berardi A.C.

Expression profiling of microRNAs and isomiRs in conventional central chondrosarcoma

(2020) in Cell Death Discovery
Roncarati D1, Pinatel E2, Fiore E3, Peano C4,5, Loibman S6, Scarlato V7.

Helicobacter pylori Stress-Response: Definition of the HrcA Regulon

(2019) in Microorganisms
Davide Povero,1 Eva M. Pinatel,2 Aleksandra Leszczynska,1 Nidhi P. Goyal,1 Takahiro Nishio,3 Jihoon Kim,4 David Kneiber,1 Lucas de Araujo Horcel,1,5 Akiko Eguchi,1 Paulina M. Ordonez,1 Tatiana Kisseleva,3 and Ariel E. Feldstein1

Human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles reduce hepatic stellate cell activation and liver fibrosis.

(2019) in The journal of clinical investigation (Online)
Di Salvo M1, Pinatel E2, Talà A1, Fondi M3, Peano C4,5, Alifano P6.

G4PromFinder: an algorithm for predicting transcription promoters in GC-rich bacterial genomes based on AT-rich elements and G-quadruplex motifs

(2018) in BMC bioinformatics
Pinatel, Eva; Peano, Clelia

RNA Sequencing and Analysis in Microorganisms for Metabolic Network Reconstruction.

(2018) in Methods in molecular biology (Clifton N.J.)
Raneri, Matteo; Pinatel, Eva; Peano, Clelia; Rampioni, Giordano; Leonia, Livia; Bianconi, Irene; Jousson, Olivier; Dalmasio, Chiara; Ferrante, Palma; Briani, Federica

Pseudomonas aeruginosa mutants defective in glucose uptake have pleiotropic phenotype and altered virulence in non-mammal infection models

(2018) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Talà A, Damiano F, Gallo G, Pinatel E, Calcagnile M, Testini M, Fico D, Rizzo D, Sutera A, Renzone G, Scaloni A, De Bellis G, Siculella L, De Benedetto GE, Puglia AM, Peano C, Alifano P.

Pirin: a novel redox-sensitive modulator of primary and secondary metabolism in Streptomyces.

(2018) in Metabolic engineering (Print)
Pepe, Simona; Pinatel, Eva; Fiore, Elisabetta; Puccio, Simone; Peano, Clelia; Brignoli, Tarcisio; Vannini, Andrea; Danielli, Alberto; Scarlato, Vincenzo; Roncarati, Davide

The Helicobacter pylori Heat-Shock Repressor HspR: Definition of Its Direct Regulon and Characterization of the Cooperative DNA-Binding Mechanism on Its Own Promoter

(2018) in Frontiers in microbiology
Povero, D.; Pinatel, E. M.; Kim, J.; Goyal, N.; Johnson, C. D.; Kneiber, D.; Feldstein, A. E.

Induced pluripotent stem cells-derived extracellular vesicles shuttle bioactive molecules with anti-fibrotic potential in vitro and in vivo

(2017) in Journal of hepatology (Print)
Maura F1,2, Petljak M2, Lionetti M1,3, Cifola I4, Liang W5, Pinatel E4, Alexandrov LB6,7,8, Fullam A2, Martincorena I2, Dawson KJ2, Angelopoulos N2, Samur MK9, Szalat R9, Zamora J2, Tarpey P2, Davies H2, Corradini P1,10, Anderson KC9, Minvielle S11, Neri A1,3, Avet-Loiseau H12, Keats J5, Campbell PJ2, Munshi NC9,13, Bolli N1,2,10.

Biological and prognostic impact of APOBEC-induced mutations in the spectrum of plasma cell dyscrasias and multiple myeloma cell lines.

(2017) in Leukemia (Basingstoke, Online)
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