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MLCL is Medical Doctor, post graduated in Medical Statistics. She has been working as researcher at the ITB/CNR since 1991. Her main research interest is the development of statistical methodologies for epidemiological and clinical studies. Current research includes nutritional epidemiology, aging, obesity and related metabolic disorders.

Interest areas:

Statistical Methods / Epidemiology / Nutrition / Metabolic Syndrome


Phone: 0226422612

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WoS Researcher ID: F-5498-2013


Google Scholar H-Index: 19

Research products

Leite, Maria Léa Corrêa

Orthonormal balances as a means of characterizing dietary exposure

(2020) in Nutrition research (NY. N.Y.)
Federica Prinelli, Nithiya Jesuthasan, Marco Severgnini, Massimo Musicco, Fulvio Adorni, Maria Lea Correa Leite, Chiara Crespi, Sara Bernini.

Exploring the relationship between Nutrition, gUT microbiota, and BRain AgINg in community-dwelling seniors: the Italian NutBrain population-based cohort study protocol

(2020) in BMC geriatrics (Online)
Leite, Maria Lea Correa

Compositional data analysis as an alternative paradigm for nutritional studies

(2019) in Clinical nutrition ESPEN Online
Correa Leite, Maria Léa; Prinelli, Federica

Serum cholesterol elasticities in relation to macro- and micronutrient balances

(2019) in European journal of clinical nutrition
Leite, M L C; Prinelli, F

A compositional data perspective on studying the associations between macronutrient balances and diseases.

(2017) in European journal of clinical nutrition
Prinelli, Federica; Adorni, Fulvio; Leite, Maria Lea Correa; Pettenati, Carla; Russo, Antonio; Di Santo, Simona; Musicco, Massimo

Different Exposures to Risk Factors Do Not Explain the Inverse Relationship of Occurrence Between Cancer and Neurodegenerative Diseases: An Italian Nested Case-control Study.

(2017) in Alzheimer disease and associated disorders (Online)
Leite, M.L.C.

Applying compositional data methodology to nutritional epidemiology

(2016) in Statistical methods in medical research
Lima-Costa, M. Fernanda; de Mello Mambrini, Juliana Vaz; Correa Leite, Maria Lea; Peixoto, Sergio Viana; Araujo Firmo, Joselia Oliveira; de Loyola Filho, Antonio Ignacio; Gouveia, Mateus H.; Leal, Thiago P.; Pereira, Alexandre Costa; Macinko, James; Tarazona-Santos, Eduardo

Socioeconomic Position, But Not African Genomic Ancestry, Is Associated With Blood Pressure in the Bambui-Epigen (Brazil) Cohort Study of Aging

(2016) in Hypertension (Dallas Tex., 1979)
Prinelli, F.; Adorni, F.; Leite, L. Correa; Musicco, M.

Macronutrients intake in adulthood and risk of dementia in old age: a 20-years follow-up Italian study

Prinelli F.; Yannakoulia M.; Anastasiou C.A.; Adorni F.; Di Santo S.G.; Musicco M.; Scarmeas N.; Correa Leite M.L.

Mediterranean diet and other lifestyle factors in relation to 20-year all-cause mortality: a cohort study in an Italian population

(2015) in British journal of nutrition
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