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Antonio Musio

Dr. Musio is a cellular and molecular biologist. His research interests are focused on identifying and characterizing the molecular etiopathology of syndromic development disorders, such as Cornelia de Lange syndrome, Coffin-Siris syndrome, and Mosaic Variegated Aneuploidy syndrome. Toward this end, his laboratory has identified new disease genes and investigated the perturbated pathways in these diseases. His lab is also interested in understanding the role of genomic instability and associated gene expression changes during cancer development. To this aim, we study models of human tumorigenesis and relevant mouse models with a variety of genomic technologies, including comparative genomic hybridization, gene expression profiling, quantitative real-time PCR and proteomic methodologies. Dr. Musio's laboratory has a strong commitment to translate their basic research findings to improve early cancer detection, prognostication, and treatment.

Interest areas

Human rare diseases, cancer, cohesinopathies, DNA repair, genome instability



Research products

Other info & publications here: antonio.musio