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Chiara Lanzuolo obtained her PhD in Genetics in 2002 at the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon, France. From 2002 to 2009, she worked as "postdoctoral research scientist" in the lab of Dr Valerio Orlando, Dulbecco Telethon Institute, at the Institute of Genetics and Biophysics (IGB-CNR) Naples, Italy and then at the Institute of Cellular Biology and Neurobiology (IBCN-CNR) Rome, Italy. From 2009 Chiara Lanzuolo holds a three years Researcher position at Institute of Cellular Biology and Neurobiology (IBCN-CNR) Rome, Italy. ln 2012 Dr. Lanzuolo was awarded by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Research and University), with the grant "Futuro in ricerca 2010" to start her independent research activity. In 2013 she obtained a permanent position as researcher at the CNR-Institute of Cell Biology and Neurobiology (IBCN) in Rome. She moved in 2015 at the National Institute of Molecular Genetics (INGM) in Milan.

Interest areas:

In the last years innovative high-throughput-based genome conformational analysis combined with advanced imaging revealed that each chromosome is folded in a highly organized fashion and occupies specific territories in the nucleus, ensuring adequate regulation of gene expression and the maintenance of genome integrity. In recent years, what is emerging is that, besides the plasticity of the chromatin fundamental for fine-regulated process, the nuclear architecture can also influence important cellular processes and is a hallmark of the healthy cell. In several pathologies, the genome organization is often compromised in parallel to an aberrant nuclear morphology, which in some cases is used by cyto-pathologists in their official diagnosis as an indicator of malignancy. However, the hierarchical relationship between nuclear and genome reshaping and molecular mechanisms involved in both aberrant processes are still unknown. My group is devoted in understanding how the genome folding occur in the nuclear space finding the right orientation and nuclear position and how this conformation is then maintained or regulated in dynamic physiological processes in health and in disease. We started studying epigenetic factors known to play a key role in genome folding and function, the Polycomb group (PcG) of proteins. In our recent work we described for the first time a functional and evolutionary conserved crosstalk between the nuclear Lamin A/C and the PcG proteins, required for the maintenance of the PcG repressive functions. We are now committed in understanding the role of PcG/LaminA interplay in physiological processes such as senescence and pathological conditions as cancer and laminopathies, human disorders caused by mutations in Lamin A/C gene. The ultimate objective will be to produce the fundamental knowledge of molecular mechanisms at the basis of genome remodelling in order to stimulate the development of new pharmacological approaches aimed at reverting nuclear aberrations in human disorders.


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ISI-WoS H-Index: 12

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Research products

Bianchi A1,2, Mozzetta C2, Pegoli G3, Lucini F1, Valsoni S1,3, Rosti V4, Petrini C5, Cortesi A1, Gregoretti F6, Antonelli L6, Oliva G6, De Bardi M3, Rizzi R1,4, Bodega B1, Pasini D7,8, Ferrari F5,9, Bearzi C1,10, Lanzuolo C3,4.

Dysfunctional polycomb transcriptional repression contributes to Lamin A/C dependent muscular dystrophy

(2020) in The journal of clinical investigation (Online)
Fabbrizio P1, Apolloni S2, Bianchi A2, Salvatori I2, Valle C2,3, Lanzuolo C2,4, Bendotti C1, Nardo G1, Volonté C2,5.

P2X7 activation enhances skeletal muscle metabolism and regeneration in SOD1G93A mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

(2020) in Brain pathology
Pegoli G.; Lucini F.; Mozzetta C.; Lanzuolo C.

Single myofiber isolation and culture from a murine model of emery-dreifuss muscular dystrophy in early post-natal development

(2020) in Journal of visualized experiments
Sebestyen E, Marullo F, Lucini F, Petrini C, Bianchi A, Valsoni S, Olivieri I, Antonelli L, Gregoretti F, Oliva G, Ferrari F, Lanzuolo C.

SAMMY-seq reveals early alteration of heterochromatin and deregulation of bivalent genes in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome

(2020) in Nature communications
Bernasconi P, Carboni N, Ricci G, Siciliano G, Politano L, Maggi L, Mongini T, Vercelli L, Rodolico C, Biagini E, Boriani G, Ruggiero L, Santoro L, Schena E, Prencipe S, Evangelisti C, Pegoraro E, Morandi L, Columbaro M, Lanzuolo C, Sabatelli P, Cavalcante P, Cappelletti C, Bonne G, Muchir A, Lattanzi G.

Elevated TGF beta 2 serum levels in Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy: Implications for myocyte and tenocyte differentiation and fibrogenic processes

(2018) in Nucleus (Austin, Tex. : Print)
Bianchi, Andrea; Manti, Pierluigi Giuseppe; Lucini, Federica; Lanzuolo, Chiara

Mechanotransduction, nuclear architecture and epigenetics in Emery Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy: tous pour un, un pour tous

(2018) in Nucleus (Austin, Tex. : Print)
Endre Sebestyén, Fabrizia Marullo, Federica Lucini,Sara Valsoni, Laura Antonelli, Francesco Gregoretti, Gennaro Oliva, Francesco Ferrari and Chiara Lanzuolo

Early chromatin conformational changes in Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome revealed by heterochromatin analysis

(2018) Principles of Chromosome Structure and Function, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany, 5-8/09/2018
Endre Sebestyén, Fabrizia Marullo, Federica Lucini,Sara Valsoni, Laura Antonelli, Francesco Gregoretti, Gennaro Oliva, Francesco Ferrari and Chiara Lanzuolo

Early chromatin conformational changes in Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome revealed by heterochromatin analysis

(2018) The Progeria Research Foundation 9th International Scientific Workshop, 20-22/09/2018
Laura Antonelli, Francesco Gregoretti, Chiara Lanzuolo, Federica Lucini, Gennaro Oliva

Identification and Analysis of Intranuclear Protein Patterns in Fluorescence Microscopy Cell Images

(2018) SIAM Conference on Imaging Science, 5-8/06/2018
Bodega B.; Marasca F.; Ranzani V.; Cherubini A.; Della Valle F.; Neguembor M.V.; Wassef M.; Zippo A.; Lanzuolo C.; Pagani M.; Orlando V.

A cytosolic Ezh1 isoform modulates a PRC2-Ezh1 epigenetic adaptive response in postmitotic cells

(2017) in Nature structural & molecular biology
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