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Ettore Mosca

Ettore Mosca is a researcher at the CNR-ITB Bioinfomatics Lab. Biotechnologist and Bioinformatician by training, EM has a PhD in Computer Science. His activity is mainly focused on the analysis of molecular data at "omics" scale with the aim of identifying the disfunctional mechanisms responsible for human pathologies and contributing to the implementation of precision medicine. In particular, EM analyzes molecular data by integrating them with existing information on the interactome, i.e., taking into account the relationships between molecular entities on a cellular scale. In this field, EM develops innovative analysis tools of descriptive and predictive type, integrating knowledge on the organization of biological networks, on the properties of complex systems, on network analysis, on global optimization, and on statistics for omics data. Furthermore, EM develops bioinformatics pipelines for the elaboration of raw omics data generated by sequencing, microarrays and mass spectrometry. EM has been involved (as participant as well as principal investigator) in national and European projects. EM is a member of the Bioinformatics Italian Society, an elected member of ITB institute board. EM trains master degree students, PhD candidates and teaches bioinformatics topics at Universities in the Milan area.

Interest areas

Bioinformatics. Systems Biology. Complex network analysis. Omics Data Analysis. Data Integration. Genetics. Molecular Biology.


Phone: 0226422614

International IDs

Scopus Author ID: 23478332900
WoS Researcher ID: D-6275-2017
Orcid ID: 0000-0002-3102-5150
LinkedIn: pub/ettore-mosca/43/b91/822
Research Gate: Ettore_Mosca
Google Scholar: 2AR93bMAAAAJ

Research products

Other info & publications here: ettore.mosca