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Federica Chiappori

Federica Chiappori research activities take place in the bioinformatic field at ITB-CNR since 2006, she is staff researcher since 2020. After a Master degree in Bioinformatics in 2005 and a PhD in Sciences for the environment and public health in 2010, her research focus of molecular modeling of protein and non-protein structures. She has over 15 years of experience in structure-function correlation studies, interaction analysis and design of compounds with potential pharmacological activity. Principally applied methods are molecular dynamics and docking for the study of protein-ligand, protein-protein and protein-RNA complexes, using HPC. More recently she has dealt with the alterations of the microbiome (bacteria and fungi) and its effects, applying metagenomic analysis techniques. She is reviewer for national and international journals and projects. And she is an ordinary member of the BITS scientific society.

Interest areas

computational biology, protein structure, molecular dynamics, SNP effect on protein structure, allostery, post-translational modifications, signal trasduction, ligand binding, docking, metagenomics, host-bacteria interaction, gut microbiome


Phone: 0226422600

International IDs

Scopus Author ID: 26533781300
Orcid ID: 0000-0001-8099-4348

Research products

Other info & publications here: federica.chiappori