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Federica Prinelli

Prinelli F. received the PhD in Experimental and Clinical Nutrition (thesis on Nutrition Epidemiology), PhD School in Biochemical, Nutritional and Metabolic Sciences in 2015 and she graduated in Food and Human Nutrition (thesis on Nutrition Epidemiology) in 2011, at the University of Milan. Prinelli F. has been working at the ITB since 2008 and has been a researcher since 2019. She carries out research in the epidemiological field. Her research activity is mainly focused on designing, planning and implementing epidemiological observational and intervention studies; drafting of study protocols and technical reports; management and statistical analysis of the data collected through the use of advanced automatic calculation tools, and dissemination of the results. The main lines of research include: I) description and identification of the clinical, metabolic, environmental and lifestyle determinants underlying physio-pathological mechanisms of chronic diseases (metabolic disorders, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases), respiratory disorders, brain ageing, and mortality; II) development and evaluation of the appropriateness and effectiveness of preventive and intervention strategies using ICT (eHealth) across different class of age; III) use of health information sources for the implementation of incidence and mortality studies; iv) research methodology in nutritional epidemiology, with a particular focus on how diet affects chronic diseases and mortality. Prinelli F. is PI research project NutBrain (Ricerca finalizzata GR 2016-02361730), Lead Italian partner of the EU project PROMED-COG (GA N° 696295 of the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme), and CO-PI of the project EPICOVID19.

Interest areas

Epidemiology, nutrition, public health, chronic and respiratory diseases, brain ageing


Phone: 02 26422629

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Research products

Other info & publications here: federica.prinelli