Gabriele Antonio Trombetti

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Gabriele A. Trombetti received his BS+MS (5-years) degree in Computer Science Engineering with 100/100 Cum Laude at the University of Bologna, Italy in 2004, with a thesis on modelling and validation for real-time distributed systems developed at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA. He subsequently attained the Ph.D. degree in 2008 at the University of Bologna, Italy with a work on enabling bioinformatics applications on the European EGEE Grid Computing platform. He is currently working at CNR-ITB conducting researches in the field of molecular dynamics simulations for membrane structures and proteins, structural bioinformatics for drug discovery, and in-silico predictions for mutational diseases. Additionally, he is working on approaches for increasing the throughput of MD simulations via carefully selected approximations. Previously at CNR-ITB he has worked on computer systems engineering for bioinformatics problems, HPC, high-performance storage systems, grid computing and GPU computing.

Interest areas:

structural bioinformatics, docking and molecular dynamics, drug discovery, molecular mechanisms


Phone: 02 26422608

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Research products

Rusnati, Marco; Sala, Davide; Orro, Alessandro; Bugatti, Antonella; Trombetti, Gabriele; Cichero, Elena; Urbinati, Chiara; Di Somma, Margherita; Millo, Enrico; Galietta, Luis J. V.; Milanesi, Luciano; Fossa, Paola; D'Ursi, Pasqualina

Speeding Up the Identification of Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator-Targeted Drugs: An Approach Based on Bioinformatics Strategies and Surface Plasmon Resonance.

(2018) in Molecules (Basel, Online)
D'Ursi, Pasqualina; Guariento, Sara; Trombetti, Gabriele; Orro, Alessandro; Cichero, Elena; Milanesi, Luciano; Fossa, Paola; Bruno, Olga

Further Insights in the Binding Mode of Selective Inhibitors to Human PDE4D Enzyme Combining Docking and Molecular Dynamics

(2016) in Molecular informatics (Print)
Pasqualina D'Ursi a*, Alessandro Orro a, Giulia Morra b, Marco Moscatelli ac, Gabriele Trombetti a, Luciano Milanesi a & Ermanna Rovida d*

Molecular dynamics and docking simulation of a natural variant of Activated Protein C with impaired protease activity: implications for integrin-mediated antiseptic function.

(2015) in Journal of biomolecular structure and dynamics (Online)
D'Ursi P., Orro A., Trombetti G., Milanesi L.

Long Molecular Dynamics on GPUs infrastructure establish key residues and the binding mode of the inhibitors of the phosphodiesterase superfamily.

(2013) 1° Bioinformatics, computational Biology and System Biology lombardy day BioLom 2013, Milano, 27 novembre 2013
Calabria A., Di Pasquale D., Gnocchi M., Cozzi P., Orro A., Trombetti G., Milanesi L.

Grid Powered Genome Wide Studies On Atrial Flutter

(2010) in Journal of grid computing
Calabria A., Di Pasquale D., Gnocchi M., Cozzi P.A., Orro A., Trombetti G.A., Milanesi L.

Grid Based Genome Wide Studies on Atrial Flutter.

Federica Torri; Anna Akelai; Sara Lupoli; Manuela Sironi; Daniela Amann-Zalcenstein; Matteo Fumagalli; Chiara Dal Fiume; Edna Ben-Asher; Kyra Kanyas; Rachele Cagliani; Paolo Cozzi; Gabriele Trombetti; Luisa Strik Lievers; Erika Salvi; Alessandro Orro; Jacques S. Beckmann; Doron Lancet; Yoav Kohn; Luciano Milanesi; Richard B. Ebstein; Bernard Lerer; Fabio Macciardi

Fine mapping of AHI1 as a schizophrenia susceptibility gene: from association to evolutionary evidence

(2010) in The FASEB journal
Milanesi L., Calabria A., Di Pasquale D., Orro A., Trombetti G.

A HPC and Grid Enabling Framework for Genetic Linkage Analysis of SNPs

(2009) in Il Nuovo cimento (Online)
Calabria A., Di Pasquale D., Orro A., Trombetti G., Gnocchi M., Milanesi L.

Genetic linkage analysis challenge on a distributed Grid environment

(2009) in VOGiS Herald
Calabria A., Di Pasquale D., Orro A., Trombetti G., Gnocchi M., Milanesi L.

Grid Based Application For SNPs Genome Wide Studies

(2009) CIBB 2009, Sixth International Meeting On Computational Intelligence Methods for Bioinformatics And Biostatistics
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