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Giorgio Grillo obtained a degree in Computer Science in 1993 at the University of Bari Aldo Moro with a thesis on Parallel Computing environment applied to Algorithms for biological sequence analysis. From 1994 he has started to cooperate with the CNR Bari BioInformatics Group for software development in Genomics and Transcriptomics and in 2001 he became Researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Technologies of the CNR of Bari. The main research activities are: design, development e management of specialized biological databases, international milestones (UTRdb/UTRsite, MitoNuc/MitoRes, p53FamTag e PlantPis); Method development and algorithm implementation for both analysis and functional annotation of biological sequences, widely used by the scientific community (CleanUp, PatSearch, CSTminer e GeneUp). In the last few years he has undertaken the tuning of systems for management, integration and structural/functional annotation of "omics" data generated by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms. He has specialized in assembling complex pipelines/workflows for various analysis fields and in the implementation of both Web Applications and Web Tools. He has been involved in several national and international research projects and he is author/coauthor of about 40 papers on international Bioinformatics journals.

Interest areas:

Bioinformatics skills: Design and implementation of bioinformatic algorithms and pipelines/workflows; design and development of bioinformatic databases and their management applications; creation of both Web Applications and Web Servers for bioinformatic workflows; Genomics, Transcriptomics and Metagenomics data analysis, generated by Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) tecnologies.


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Scopus Author ID: 7005064931
WoS Researcher ID: F-7617-2015

Research products

Puccio S.; Grillo G.; Consiglio A.; Soluri M.F.; Sblattero D.; Cotella D.; Santoro C.; Liuni S.; Bellis G.; Lugli E.; Peano C.; Licciulli F.

InteractomeSeq: a web server for the identification and profiling of domains and epitopes from phage display and next generation sequencing data

(2020) in Nucleic acids research (Online)
Nicoletta Nuzziello, Francesco Craig, Marta Simone, Arianna Consiglio, Flavio Licciulli, Lucia Margari, Giorgio Grillo, Sabino Liuni, Maria Liguori

Integrated analysis of microRNA and mRNA expression profiles reveals a complex interaction network in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

(2019) in Brain sciences
Liguori M1, Nuzziello N1,2, Licciulli F1, Consiglio A1, Simone M2, Viterbo RG2, Creanza TM3, Ancona N3, Tortorella C2,4, Margari L2, Grillo G1, Giordano P5, Liuni S1, Trojano M2.

Combined microRNA and mRNA expression analysis in pediatric multiple sclerosis: an integrated approach to uncover novel pathogenic mechanisms of the disease.

(2018) in Human molecular genetics (Print)
Balech, Bachir; Sandionigi, Anna; Manzari, Caterina; Trucchi, Emiliano; Tullo, Apollonia; Licciulli, Flavio; Grillo, Giorgio; Sbisa, Elisabetta; De Felici, Stefano; Saccone, Cecilia; D'Erchia, Anna Maria; Cesaroni, Donatella; Casiraghi, Maurizio; Vicario, Saverio

Tackling critical parameters in metazoan meta-barcoding experiments: a preliminary study based on coxI DNA barcode

(2018) in PeerJ
Soluri, Maria Felicia; Puccio, Simone; Caredda, Giada; Grillo, Giorgio; Licciulli, Vito Flavio; Consiglio, Arianna; Edomi, Paolo; Santoro, Claudio; Sblattero, Daniele; Peano, Clelia

Interactome-Seq: A Protocol for Domainome Library Construction, Validation and Selection by Phage Display and Next Generation Sequencing

(2018) in Journal of visualized experiments
Santamaria, Monica; Fosso, Bruno; Licciulli, Flavio; Balech, Bachir; Larini, Ilaria; Grillo, Giorgio; De Caro, Giorgio; Liuni, Sabino; Pesole, Graziano

ITSoneDB: a comprehensive collection of eukaryotic ribosomal RNA Internal Transcribed Spacer 1 (ITS1) sequences.

(2017) in Nucleic acids research (Online)
Liguori, Maria; Nuzziello, Nicoletta; Licciulli, Flavio; Consiglio, Arianna; Simone, Marta; Gemma Viterbo, Rosa; Creanza, Teresa Maria; Ancona, Nicola; Tortorella, Carla; Margari, Lucia; Grillo, Giorgio; Giordano, Paola; Liuni, Sabino; Trojano, Maria

Combined microRNAs and mRNAs expression analysis in Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis: an integrated approach to uncover novel pathogenic mechanisms of the disease.

(2017) in Human molecular genetics online
Puccio, Simone; Grillo, Giorgio; Licciulli, Flavio; Severgnini, Marco; Liuni, Sabino; Bicciato, Silvio; De Bellis, Gianluca; Ferrari, Francesco; Peano, Clelia

WoPPER: Web server for Position Related data analysis of gene Expression in Prokaryotes.

(2017) in Nucleic acids research
Consiglio, Arianna; Mencar, Corrado; Grillo, Giorgio; Marzano, Flaviana; Caratozzolo, Mariano Francesco; Liuni, Sabino

A fuzzy method for RNA-Seq differential expression analysis in presence of multireads

(2016) in BMC bioinformatics
Consiglio A.; Mencar C.; Grillo G.; Liuni S.

Managing NGS differential expression uncertainty with fuzzy sets

(2016) in , 2016
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