Pasqualina D’Ursi

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Pasqualina D'Ursi is a researcher at the Institute for Biomedical Technologies (ITB) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). She received a BS degree in Biological Science and a Phd in Molecular Medicine at the University of Milan. Her research activity is focused on understanding the relationship between the molecular structural of a protein and its function. This information is necessary to provide predictions on the effects of disease-causing mutations and positively help drug-design. Computational methods such as molecular modeling, docking, molecular dynamics and bioinformatics have been applied in her research to analyze protein-ligand interactions for drug discovery ( Cystic Fibrosis, Covid19, HIV and Endocrine Disruptors) and the study of the structure-function relationship of mutated proteins involved in the coagulation cascade and rare diseases.

Research products

Caccuri F.; D'Ursi P.; Uggeri M.; Bugatti A.; Mazzuca P.; Zani A.; Filippini F.; Salmona M.; Ribatti D.; Slevin M.; Orro A.; Lu W.; Lio P.; Gallo R.C.; Caruso A.

Evolution toward beta common chain receptor usage links the matrix proteins of HIV-1 and its ancestors to human erythropoietin

(2021) in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Orro A.; Uggeri M.; Rusnati M.; Urbinati C.; Pedemonte N.; Pesce E.; Moscatelli M.; Padoan R.; Cichero E.; Fossa P.; D'Ursi P.

In silico drug repositioning on F508del-CFTR: A proof-of-concept study on the AIFA library

(2021) in European journal of medicinal chemistry
Giagulli C.; Caccuri F.; Zorzan S.; Bugatti A.; Zani A.; Filippini F.; Manocha E.; D'Ursi P.; Orro A.; Dolcetti R.; Caruso A.

B-cell clonogenic activity of HIV-1 p17 variants is driven by PAR1-mediated EGF transactivation

(2020) in Cancer gene therapy
Rusnati, Marco; D'Ursi, Pasqualina; Pedemonte, Nicoletta; Urbinati, Chiara; Ford, Robert C.; Cichero, Elena; Uggeri, Matteo; Orro, Alessandro; Fossa, Paola

Recent Strategic Advances in CFTR Drug Discovery: An Overview

(2020) in International journal of molecular sciences (Online)
Bugatti A.; Paiardi G.; Urbinati C.; Chiodelli P.; Orro A.; Uggeri M.; Milanesi L.; Caruso A.; Caccuri F.; D'Ursi P.; Rusnati M.

Heparin and heparan sulfate proteoglycans promote HIV-1 p17 matrix protein oligomerization: computational, biochemical and biological implications

(2019) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Bella, Pamela; Farini, Andrea; Banfi, Stefania; Parolini, Daniele; Tonna, Noemi; Meregalli, Mirella; Belicchi, Marzia; Erratico, Silvia; D'Ursi, Pasqualina; Bianco, Fabio; Legato, Mariella; Ruocco, Chiara; Sitzia, Clementina; Sangiorgi, Simone; Villa, Chiara; D'Antona, Giuseppe; Milanesi, Luciano; Nisoli, Enzo; Mauri, PierLuigi; Torrente, Yvan

Blockade of IGF2R improves muscle regeneration and ameliorates Duchenne muscular dystrophy

(2019) in EMBO molecular medicine (Print)
D'Ursi P.; Uggeri M.; Urbinati C.; Millo E.; Paiardi G.; Milanesi L.; Ford R. C.; Clews J.; Meng X.; Bergese P.; Ridolfi A.; Pedemonte N.; Fossa P.; Orro A.; Rusnati M.

Exploitation of a novel biosensor based on the full-length human F508de1-CFTR with computational studies, biochemical and biological assays for the characterization of a new Lumacaftor/Tezacaftor analogue

(2019) in Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical (Print)
Rusnati, Marco; Sala, Davide; Orro, Alessandro; Bugatti, Antonella; Trombetti, Gabriele; Cichero, Elena; Urbinati, Chiara; Di Somma, Margherita; Millo, Enrico; Galietta, Luis J. V.; Milanesi, Luciano; Fossa, Paola; D'Ursi, Pasqualina

Speeding Up the Identification of Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator-Targeted Drugs: An Approach Based on Bioinformatics Strategies and Surface Plasmon Resonance.

(2018) in Molecules (Basel, Online)
Fontana, L.; Bedeschi, M. F.; Maitz, S.; Cereda, A.; Fare, C.; Motta, S.; Seresini, A.; D'Ursi, P.; Orro, A.; Pecile, V.; Calvello, M.; Selicorni, A.; Lalatta, F.; Milani, D.; Sirchia, S. M.; Miozzo, M.; Tabano, S.

Characterization of multi-locus imprinting disturbances and underlying genetic defects in patients with chromosome 11p15.5 related imprinting disorders

(2018) in Epigenetics
Fontana L1, Bedeschi MF2, Maitz S3, Cereda A4, Faré C5, Motta S5, Seresini A6,7, D'Ursi P8, Orro A8, Pecile V9, Calvello M5, Selicorni A10, Lalatta F2, Milani D11, Sirchia SM12, Miozzo M1,5, Tabano S1.

Characterization of multi-locus imprinting disturbances and underlying genetic defects in patients with chromosome 11p15.5 related imprinting disorders

(2018) in Epigenetics (Online)
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